Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fotos De Pessoas Nuas


"No more dams, Chile remains without water "
Bishop" green "to the shareholders Enel

interview with Bishop Luis Infanti *, edited by Giacomo Galeazzi

in "La Stampa" April 29, 2010

Bishop Infanti, because you, who is bishop of a distant city, Aysen, Patagonia Chile, part of Enel meeting today?

"Instances of the voiceless are ignored where it is decided: now condemned to silence my mouth to speak. In an illegal way the Constitution was launched in 1980 by Pinochet granted without a time limit of 80% of Chile to the English company Endesa, then bought by Enel. Not a referendum can change things. My diocese is Italy's third largest and, thanks to the glaciers, is the second largest reserve of freshwater in the world. The properties of 'blue gold ", however, is not just the citizens but Enel, now wants to build five huge hydroelectric dams to provide power to the mines of the North".

Why the Church is opposed?

"That Enel is a choice not respectful of nature, which I think embodies a neo-imperialist policy. In Latin America, 130 million people, 25% of the population, lack access to clean water. It 'a duty to oppose the destruction of the diocese created a misappropriation of a collective good, but also foreign interference, a modern form of colonization. The Italian government controls Enel, and holds a vital resource of Chile I hope that my request to meet with Berlusconi and Tremonti is carried, in the meantime I came to Rome to represent the popular protest at the meeting. "

He informed the Vatican?

"Unfortunately, the hierarchical Church in Chile is not very sensitive to environmental issues, so I forwarded directly to the Holy See my pastoral letter," Give us water everyday. " I have also spoken with the Pope in his visit "ad Limina" and I met Cardinal Bertone during And his trip to Chile 'a matter of absolute ethical and economic emergency. The rates have increased and the farmers are forbidden even to water the fields with water from rivers running through them. Enel in Chile can do whatever he wants. I am here to ask you to return the water to the Chilean and not to destroy the ecosystem of the Patagonia with dams. In Chile, the people can democratically protest what he wants, but then the decisions are in the hands of an elite. The bishops of Argentina's Patagonia are supporting us because the problem is worldwide. "

In what sense?

"The water is God's Private people of an essential element for life is a grave social sin. In the planet's fresh water is not lacking, but is poorly distributed due to the privatization of maximizing corporate profits and a social structure and economic policy that safeguards the interests of the powerful. Dams designed by Enel would produce energy for mines that are located 2,500 km away. We would only give, that is a devastating environmental impact. "

What is the alternative?

"The nationalization of water resources. Serve operational proposals, according to the "see, judge, act ". Management must involve the state, private and especially local communities. "

* Bishop Luis Infanti was born in Udine belongs to the Order of the Servants of Mary and 35 years living in Chile for 8 years and vicar bishop of Aysén.


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